Carpet Cleaning Service That Leaves No Sogginess

When it comes to carpet cleaning services sometimes less is more. In the past, steam carpet cleaners resulted in over-saturation and high levels of heat that leave the home filled with humidity and toxic chemicals. Fortunately, soggy carpets and toxic waste are quickly becoming a thing of the past thanks to environmentally friendly carpet cleaning companies like The Carpet Cleaning Co. Killeen TX. Visit our site to get your carpets cleaned today!


The Carpet Cleaning Co. in Killeen Tx services utilizes a circular extraction system that requires minimal water and no harmful chemicals or waste combined with low moisture are environmentally friendly with the added benefit of leaving your home ready for company in hours instead of days.

Less water, Less humidity, Less chemicals and Less pollution make The Carpet Cleaning Co. more than just another carpet cleaning service. But the benefits don’t end there! The Carpet Cleaning Co. costs less than many steam carpet cleaners – adding up to big saving. Less really is more when you have the peace of mind knowing your carpets will look great for an entire year without exposing your family to harsh chemicals or costly visits.

Killeen Carpet Cleaning Service That Leaves No Sogginess. No Mildew.

Your carpets are misted with our special pH balanced cleaner, and a super absorbent bonnet transfers dirt fluffy freshness you can see! Our Carpet Cleaning Service Dries In 2-3 Hours.
No tiptoeing around soggy floors. With The Carpet Cleaning Co. service, even heavily-soiled areas. The Carpet Cleaning Co. Professionals Are Skilled In All phases of carpet cleaning fiber identification, soil analysis, and fabric care. Our Carpet Cleaning Co. citrus-fresh carpet cleaneris so light and yummy most guests can’t smell that you had a cleaning. All of this is backed by our Carpet Cleaning Co. 100% Clean Guarantee.

More information about our carpet cleaning guarantee here!

All surface stains are pre-treated to ensure the highest professional standard of excellence in cleaning performance for all our customers.

Extra Stain Removal Methods
There are a few types of carpet stains that may need extra, extensive treatments like heat transfer methods. These stains include: Red stains, wax stains, dye stains from items that might include but are not limited to ink, nail polish, hair dye and paint. When Carpet Repairs are necessary there are 3 scenarios that signify to us that carpet repairs may be necessary, and those are:


  • Bleach stains, as these are irreversible without re-dying processes.
  • Stains that return after an effective carpet cleaning.
  • This type of stain is considered a “Re-appearing Stain” because it indicates that the stain resides in the carpet padding, and is resurfacing.
  • Odor remediation, as pet odors generally affect all 3 layers – carpet, padding, and sub floor, requiring various forms of treatment.


If after your carpet cleaning, some stains or pet odors reappear

We offer a fantastic Pet stain and Odor Removal that allows us to apply your incurred costs of surface (phase 1) cleaning, toward the 2nd and/or 3rd phase cleaning process where we treat the underlying padding and sub floor.

If you ever have a problem with your service, call us right away! We hate to have an unsatisfied customer and will do everything we can to correct the problem and make it right

The Carpet Cleaning Co. also provides a full line of ancillary services designed to address your every need; from carpet repair and rug restoration to water extraction and air vent services, The Carpet Cleaning Co. Killeen Texas is able to handle all of your cleaning needs with one simple call to a name you can trust. Fully licensed, bonded and insured, your complete satisfaction is top priority whether you have one room cleaned or an entire apartment complex.

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